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How much do you charge to install Christmas lights on a house?

Answer:  All of our estimates include the installation, maintenance, and removal of the Christmas lights on both residential and commercial properties.  The cost is different for every job due to the fact that roof lines are steeper on some than on others, and all houses have different square footages.  Some customers also want to add lights on driveways and sidewalk or flower bed areas on lawn stakes.  These costs can be discussed upon a personal visit to your home locally.


Do you charge to come out and give us an estimate?

Answer:  Estimate requests in the Longview, Hallsville, White Oak, Gladewater, Kilgore, or Gilmer areas are free.  All other out-of-town locations will require a minimum charge of $25 to physically come out to do an estimate.


What is involved in doing an estimate?

Answer: Christmas lighting estimates include looking at all areas of the home and estimating the linear feet of lighting needed for the house and/or lawn areas.  It will also include discussing your electrical needs unless you are choosing LED lighting.  Optionally, you can choose our text messaging estimate by texting us pictures of all the areas where you need lights.  You would need to include the type of lights (ie. incandescent C9 bulbs or LED C9 bulbs), if you are purchasing new lights or using your own lights (and texting a picture of those as well), and any other needed information. This is also a free estimate.


How do you attach the lights to our roof?

Answer:  In most cases we will use shingle tab or gutter clips for gable areas and edges.  For the top roof ridges or crown areas we have in the past used a 3/8 staple but are now using a new technology clip called a ridge row clip that does not require stapling.


When do you begin installations for the Christmas season?

Answer:  We begin our season by sending out a letter or email to all of our regular customers in September, asking them to respond with an installation week of their choosing. We take all requests and begin installations on October 1st.  New customers are added as we progress through the season.


How do you maintain your customers lights during the Christmas season?

Answer:  Every lighting job we install includes at least 2 free maintenance calls.  We ask our customers to call us when they have a maintenance need and then schedule that repair within a 24-hour period.  We call this Call-In Maintenance.  There is a $35 -$50 charge for any maintenance calls after the first 2 are used.  Usually, maintenance is not an issue when using brand new lighting, especially if using LED material.


When can I expect you to remove the lights from my house and lawn after the Christmas season?

Answer:  We begin taking the lights and decorations down after January 1st, and have all of the lights from our jobs down by January 31st.  They are scheduled for take down in the order in which they are installed throughout the season.


What is your companies experience in installing Christmas lights?

Answer:  I have 36 years experience in the Christmas lighting industry and in the installation of commercial and residential Christmas lighting.


What sort of equipment might you be using on my house or business to install my Christmas lights?

Answer:  Besides the wires and sockets and bulbs, we use ladders, scaffolding, and other safety equipment such as ropes, harnesses, etc. to install the lights on top of houses and businesses.


How long do I have to pay my invoice after you have installed my lights, and do you require a deposit?

Answer:  We require a $200.00 non-refundable job scheduling fee for new customers at the time you request to be put on our installation schedule.  This fee is not additional but is included in the overall cost of your Christmas light installation and removal of the lights.  All invoices are due and payable immediately after your installation of the Christmas lighting has been installed.  This includes the cost charged for the removal of the lights.  Removal of the lights is accomplished after January 1st.

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