Early Installation Package Deal

(October Installations)

Buy your lighting supplies from us.  Prices are based on 400 linear feet of lights on the house and lawn areas.  Additional linear feet desired are an extra charge.  The customer will own all supplies.  Pay us a flat rate to install your lights every year.  We will remove your lights in January 2020, after New Year's Day.  Store your lights or have us store them for you (free storage if you have us install your lights in October every year).


C9 LED lights                                $ 535.00

Commercial-grade wires, sockets    $ 92.00

Lawn stakes                                    $ 58.00

Gutter clips/ridge clips                  $  81.00

Gilbert plugs                                   $  10.00

Extension cords                              $  58.00

Adapters                                         $  10.00 


 Sub-total                                     $ 844.00

 Sales tax at 8.25%                       $  69.63

 Total all supplies                          $ 913.63   

 (This pre-paid charge is a one-time charge.)


Installation fee                            $ 650.00

Removal fee                                   $  99.00


 Total labor                                   $ 749.00

Christmas Lights Picture_edited.png